Madison County Schools

“Every Student Counts!”



Daniel Boone Elementary School- 710 North 2nd Street, Richmond

            Shane Lakes, Principal

            859-625-6070, Fax: 859-624-4589




Glenn Marshall Elementary School- 1442 Robert R. Martin Bypass, Richmond           

            Abby White, Principal

            859-625-6076, Fax: 859-624-4021




Kingston Elementary School- 2845 Battlefield Memorial Hwy, Berea

            Darlene Young, Principal

            859-625-6091, Fax: 859-986-4653



Kirksville Elementary School- 2399 Lancaster Road, Richmond

            Dustin Brumbaugh, Principal

            859-624-4582, Fax: 859-624-4595




Kit Carson Elementary- 450 Tates Creek Road, Richmond

            Beth Jones, Principal

            859-625-6103, Fax: 859-624-4526




Mayfield Elementary- 300 Bond Street, Richmond

            Richard Lowe, Principal

            859-624-4540, Fax: 859-624-4541




Shannon Johnson Elementary- 109 Oakwood Drive, Berea

            Lee Anne Browder, Principal

            859-986-8233, Fax: 859-986-8405




Silver Creek Elementary- 75 Old US 25 North, Berea

            Christi Tyndall, Principal

            859-986-4991, Fax: 859-986-1932




Waco Elementary-359 Waco Loop, Waco

            Marsha VanHook, Principal

            859-369-5540, Fax: 859-369-3819




White Hall Elementary- 2166 Lexington Road, Richmond

            Chris Young, Principal

            859-625-6134, Fax: 859-624-4512




B. Michael Caudill Middle School- 1428 Robert R. Martin Bypass, Richmond

            Ken Bicknell, Principal

            859-625-6172, Fax: 859-623-2652




Clark-Moores Middle School- 1143 Berea Road, Richmond

            Larry Barton, Principal

            859-624-4545, Fax: 859-624-4524




Farristown Middle School- 279 Glades Road, Berea

            Alicia Hunter, Principal





Red Foley Middle School- 275 Glades Road, Berea

            Arno Norwell, Principal

            859-625-6140, Fax: 859-986-3362


            8:15am– 3:00pm           


Madison Middle School- 101 Summit Street, Richmond

            Steve Evans, Principal

            859-624-4550, Fax: 859-624-4543




Madison Central High School- 705 North 2nd Street, Richmond

            Elmer Thomas, Principal

            859-625-6109, Fax: 859-623-3925


            8:10am– 2:55pm                       


Madison Southern High School- 279 Glades Road, Berea

            David Gilliam, Principal

            859-625-6148, Fax: 859-986-3092


            8:10am– 2:55pm           


St. Mark Catholic School- 115 Parrish Ave, Richmond

           Father Jim Sichko,




Model Laboratory School- 521 Lancaster Ave, Richmond



Did You Know...

  • 74% of Madison County teachers have a master'sdegree or greater.
  • Our student/teacher ratio is 17:1
  • Our student/computer ratio is 4.4:1
  • The Clark-Moores Middle School Future ProblemSolving Team has ranked in the top ten in the state for the past two years.
  • The Madison Central Marching Band has placedsecond in the state for the past three years, and the Symphonic Band hasreceived "Distinguished" ratings.
  • The Madison Southern Science Olympiad teams havewon regional and state awards since they began competing 11 years ago- beatingstudents from Science Magnet schools in Kentucky and surrounding states.
  • The Madison Central Land Judging Team has won 35state titles and 10 national titles.
  • The Madison Central/ Kentucky Tech Mock TrialTeam won the state 2001 title and placed in the top four in the state in 2002.
  • The Madison Southern advisor/advisee program hasreceived state and national recognition.
  • Several of our teachers and administrators havereceived state and regional awards for their outstanding performances.
  • The Madison County School System has agreementswith Eastern Kentucky University and Berea College that allow our students totake courses for college credit.
  • All of our elementary and middle schools areequipped with computerized electronic keyboard music labs.
  • Our district's financial management procedureshave been used as a model by the State Department of Education.